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The Imaginarium

Let your imagination go

Visit the English village of your imagination and explore its history and that of its inhabitants. In fact, why not write some of it: the milkmaid who saw her love depart for an Australian penal colony, the young man sent off to fight in the trenches… tales of strange lights in the churchyard at dead of night, or the day the Lord of the Manor acquired the Village’s first ‘horseless carriage’.

Using a wide range of objects, pictures, and the village map as starting points you can add to previous stories from the Village or make up new ones.

And, at some events, if you want some extra inspiration you can talk to some of the Village inhabitants from the past – perhaps that chatty Postmistress from the 60s, that ‘exotic’ American pilot who stayed on after the war, the Edwardian village blacksmith, or the ‘old sea dog’ who was at Trafalgar and who now runs the tavern, and perhaps knows the smugglers down on the coast; even a huntsman who helped Henry VIII when he came to shoot nearby. Drop in for a few minutes or stay a while.

The Imaginarium is designed to encourage story making by people of all ages and takes much of its energy from community play projects.

Centred in and around an imaginary Village, stories can be created from any period of history (or the future) and for any existing or new character. All the material available is there to provide inspiration for new and developing stories.

Younger children are welcome to make their own contribution to the Village’s festival bunting, which is getting longer and longer.

Appearing at local fetes and festivals, the Imaginarium aims to bring a little imagination back into all our lives.